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The Tennessee Amateur Radio Relay League is comprised of numerous amateur radio enthusiasts who work together to make radio communication a better, and more enjoyable pastime for everyone involved.


Hello to All, Though we are nearing what is supposed to be half-way through spring, the weather outside seems to be trying to persuade us that winter is still in place. Hopefully, we will soon feel the warmth of later spring and the onset of milder days.

 For many, this has been a challenging time of operating because of band conditions for SSB and CW but fortunately those taking advantage of the FT-8 mode have pleasantly surprised particularly on 160M and 10M. Reports are saying the advent of this “wonder mode” has helped put many stations and grid squares into the logbook for this year’s IGC activities. I hope to hear many more great stories from folks across the section this year.

 League Articles and announcements

+ Apparent First 2200 Meter Transatlantic Contact by US Radio Amateur Reported. 04/05/2018

In late March, Paul Kelley, N1BUG, of Milo, Maine, completed what may have been the first transatlantic 2200-meter contact by a US radio amateur under Amateur Radio rules. Signals in this part of the spectrum and lower previously have spanned the Atlantic in one direction, and Canadian radio amateurs have reported transatlantic contacts on the band dating back several years. (See the rest of the article HERE)

 + ARRL Searching for its Next CEO 04/05/2018

ARRL is seeking a full-time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Newington, Connecticut, to direct its day-to-day activities. ARRL has 159,000 members, an annual budget of $15 million, 90 paid employees, a nationwide network of volunteers, and an elected board of 15 directors. ARRL publishes a monthly membership journal, QST, as well as many publications on radio-related topics; sponsors educational and membership programs across a wide array of Amateur Radio activity, and represents Amateur Radio to the general public as well as with the US Government and internationally. (See the rest of the article HERE)

 + ARRL Public Relations Committee Get New Leadership, Updated Missions and Goals 04/04/2018

The ARRL Public Relations Committee is undergoing some changes under the leadership of new committee chair Steve “Sid” Caesar, NH7C. (See the rest of the article HERE)

Tennessee ARRL/ARES Information

-       Monthly SEC Report Recap s for January and February show the following

o   January Report – 1 Total Members 1,156, 2 Reporting Counties 36, 3 Total Combined Operations 175, Total Combined Hours Reported 506.5

o   February Report – 1 Total Members 1,314, 2 Reporting Counties 57, 3 Total Combined Operations 225, 4 Total Combined Hours Reported 2,955.65

-       Monthly STM Report Recap

o   Monthly reports will be posted shortly.

-       Coming Hamfest Schedule

o   There are two ways to check on the upcoming Hamfest Schedule in Tennessee: 1 – is on the ARRL Hamfest Page HERE or the TN ARRL Webpage Hamfests Link HERE

 Silent Key Info.

It is with regret that we report the following Silent Key(s): Maurice Taylor, KJ4ZJL 02/07/2018


 *QUA is an international Q signal (prosign) meaning, “Have you news of_____?”  In the absence of a question mark, QUA means, “I have news of ____.”

Finally, thank you for everything you are doing for amateur radio and your community and across Tennessee! 


Keith Miller Sr., N9DGK

ARRL Tennessee Section Manager, 615-631-9952 (cell)