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The Tennessee Amateur Radio Relay League is comprised of numerous amateur radio enthusiasts who work together to make radio communication a better, and more enjoyable pastime for everyone involved.

 Click On The Link Below To View The March 2020 Edition Of The ARRL Tennessee Section PIC Newsletter

An additional item that was too late for the newsletter: Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Davidson, Putnam, Benton, Wilson, and Smith counties who lost homes and loved ones in the devastating tornados. 


 March 16 Update: 

The reality our nation faces today is unprecedented in our memory. The
latest guidance from the government Centers for Disease Control
recommends all events and gatherings of 50 people or more be postponed
for the next 8 weeks. This afternoon, the White House advised limiting
gatherings to ten or less. Restaurants, businesses, schools, and
churches across our state are making the extraordinary decision to close
down for a time in order to ease the threat of rapid viral spread. Over
the course of the last few days, we have watched the situation unfold as
the list of closures grow and infection rates climb; all while leaders
at every level of government step up and work to contain the risk.

The critical threat posed by COVID-19 to certain segments of our society
is a stern reminder of the need for us to pull together and make every
effort to protect our most vulnerable. We should be willing to make
responsible decisions for the benefit of the entire community.

With those guidelines in mind, I need to announce that after
consultation with the Section Cabinet and our Vice-Director, the
decision has been made to suspend travel and in-person meetings for TN
Section Officials until April 10. This guidance does not apply to ARES
volunteers actively working with served agencies. Your TN ARRL Section
leadership team also recommends that clubs and groups within the state
consider re-scheduling meetings and gatherings for a time in order that
we may do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We count among
our ranks many people who are part of demographic groups particularly
vulnerable to the threat of the virus….their health and welfare is
more important than our mere inconvenience.

During the days ahead, I encourage you to reach out to your friends in
the ham radio community who are elderly, sick, or may be confined at
home. I encourage everyone to practice simple, common sense precautions
against the threat of the virus such as frequent hand washing and
avoiding crowds, all while being sure to see your health care provider
if you have any symptoms of illness.

73 and take care,

David Thomas
ARRL TN Section Manager