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The Tennessee Amateur Radio Relay League is comprised of numerous amateur radio enthusiasts who work together to make radio communication a better, and more enjoyable pastime for everyone involved.

Section Notes


Hello to all, I hope that you and your families are recovering from the holiday seasons and the recent weather across the Tennessee section. From being unseasonably warm to exacerbating cold this winter season has proven to be a real attention getter.

Though it is near the middle of the month, and it has been a long time since section notes has been published; I wanted to have this out to all and continue through the coming year. The format for this letter will be a little different to try to include

League Articles and announcements 

+ The Board of Directors is Meeting in Connecticut for the Semi-Annual session with much on their plate. A Delta Division Executive Staff conference call was held last evening with all SM’s, Assist. Div. Directors, Vice Dir. Hudgens WB4RHQ and Dir. Norris K5UZ in attendance. Issues were discussed from all sections and from anticipated Board action items for Divisional input prior to the BOD meeting. To say the least, the call was a spirited one and all Div. Executive staff as well as section membership input forward will have us waiting to hear see the report and hear the results from our Directors.

+ The President, K5UR, published a note to members recently concerning the upcoming meeting, you can find it HERE.

+ Nominations for the Philip J McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award are being sought. Information about the award and application can be found HERE.

+ ARRL has invited nominations for six awards:

1.    Hiram Percy Maxim

2.    Herb S Brier Instructor of the Year

3.    ARRL Microwave Development Award

4.    ARRL Technical Service Award

5.    ARRL Technical Innovation Award

6.    The Knight Distinguished Service Award

Information for these awards and nominations can be found HERE.

+ For all who are interested; tickets for this years Hamvention being held in Xenia, OH are available online as of 3 January 2018. Check out the Hamvention webpage for additional information. The article is HERE.

Section Executive Staff information

Information from the ARRL/ARES Executive staff will be posted here in future editions.

Tennessee ARRL/ARES Information

-       SM Club Visits and Travel

o   As of now, there no SM plans for section travel but I have already been asked about availability. More later.

o   The December ACC (Affiliated Club Coordinator Report) shows currently we have 57 Affiliated Clubs, 4 of them are Special Service Clubs.

-       Monthly SEC Report Recap

o   The Monthly SEC Report showed the following: 1. 767 Members, 2. 23 counties reporting, 3. 107 Total Operations Combined and 906.75 Volunteer Hours.

-       Monthly STM Report Recap

o   TN report for Dec 2017.  Sessions=105,QNI=8838, QTC=20.

o   PSHR=WA4VGZ  111

-       Coming Hamfest Schedule

o   There are two ways to check on the upcoming Hamfest Schedule in Tennessee: 1 – is on the ARRL Hamfest Page HERE or the TN ARRL Webpage Hamfests Link HERE

Silent Key Info.

I am working to update the information I have on the “In Memoriam” page; however, reports slowed greatly during the last half of the year. If you have information that you would like to be posted on that page, please get it to me and I will get included.


*QUA is an international Q signal (prosign) meaning, “Have you news of

_____?”  In the absence of a question mark, QUA means, “I have news

of ____.” 

Finally, thank you for everything you are doing for amateur radio and your community!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to provide input on our Section.


Keith Miller Sr., N9DGK

ARRL Tennessee Section Manager, 615-631-9952 (cell), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..