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CW Net

3562 kHz
Mon-Sat | 7 PM

Phone Net

3980 kHz
Mon-Fri | 5:40 AM, 6:45 AM, & 6:30 PM
Sat | 8 AM & 6:30 PM
Sun | 8 AM
Holidays | 8 AM



The Tennessee Section of the American Radio Relay League is comprised of numerous amateur radio enthusiasts who work together to make radio communication a better, and more enjoyable pastime for everyone involved.

We are currently accepting applications for Technical Specialists. Please apply by going to the "resources" tab and using the online appointment application system. We are looking to fill spots for the positions listed below as vacant. If you have an area of expertise you would like to see added to the list, please contact the Section Manager or Technical Coordinator. 

Technical specialists in the Tennessee Section serve with respect to a specific area of the hobby. If you need technical assistance dealing with any of the topics listed below, please contact the Technical Specialist using the contact information shown. You may also contact the Technical Coordinator, who leads the program.


DMR:  John McMahan, K4JTM, email [email protected]
CONTESTING and RADIOSPORT: Bert Noll, W4KW, email [email protected]
REPEATER ADMINISTRATION: Tim Berry, WB4GBI, email [email protected]
DXCC and AWARDS:  Chuck Talley, KJ4KVC, email [email protected]
YAESU SYSTEM FUSION: Michael Foley, K4MJF, email [email protected]
APRS: William McKeehan, KI4DHU, email [email protected]
DSTAR: vacant
NEW HAM ASSISTANCE: Marvin Turner, W0MET, email [email protected]
GENERAL ASSISTANCE / ELMERING: Bob Wilson KK4XA, email [email protected]
DIRECTION FINDING  / FOX HUNTING: Lyle Juroff K9FIK, email [email protected]
ANTENNAS, TUNERS, & TRANSMISSION LINES: Stan Kozlowitz AA5XO, email [email protected] (MFJ product technical specialist)